Requesting a Room with Ad Astra

Using Ad Astra for Room Scheduling at Carthage


As of Fall 2010, Carthage has a new room scheduling software called Ad Astra.  You can use it to request a room for a meeting or event.  You can also use it to see the properties of the various rooms and check if a room you’re interested in is in use on a specific day or time.

To access Ad Astra, point your web browser to  Ad Astra works best when used with the Internet Explorer browser when using a PC or with Firefox when using a Macintosh.

From the guest screen, you can view information about rooms or click the Calendars tab to view room schedules, but you must login to request an event or room.  To login, type your Novell user name and password in the upper right corner of the screen.  If you don’t know your Novell password, you can reset it at

Getting Started

Once logged in, you can request an event (and the room that goes with it) by clicking the Request an Event link at the upper left.  In the next screen, type the name of your event on the first line.  From the drop-down box below, select the kind of facility you want to request; most of the time, it will be “Request Meeting Space in an Academic Building.”  Click Next.

wizard screen 1.png

Providing Contact Information

In the top portion of the next page, fill out your contact information.  Only fill out the lower portion of the screen if it applies to you. 

Click the Add/Remove Meetings button in the middle of the page.

request meeting space.png

Setting Event Dates

On the next screen, fill out the section at the left with the meeting name, the meeting type (usually “Any Meeting,”) the maximum number of attendees, and the date and time of the meeting.  The Max Attendance is important, since Astra will try to find a room that is big enough for your meeting.  If yours is a one-time event, click the Add Meeting button and skip to the Request Rooms section, below.


Recurring Meetings

If it is a recurring (e.g. weekly or monthly) meeting, click Add Recurring Meetings and fill out the Recurrence Pattern window that pops up, as shown below.  Note:  Don’t select an end date more than 6 months into the future; it is best to schedule one semester or less at a time.  Click OK when finished.  If, when requesting rooms for recurring meetings, you get an error that there are too many possibilities, you will need to scale back the number of meetings or initially schedule only one meeting until you can create a filter (explained later) to narrow down the combinations.


Requesting Rooms

After setting the meeting dates and times, it is time to select the room.  Click the Request Rooms button at the upper right.  You will then see a list of rooms down the left with the various meeting times across.  (If you want to see fewer rooms, check "Creating and Editing Filters," below.) Rooms will be shown as Available or Unavailable.  If you click the room number, it will show Selected for the dates specified.  If you have multiple dates for a recurring meeting and want to use different locations, you can click on multiple “Available” items on the screen.  When finished, click the Save and Update Request button at the upper right.


Creating and Editing Filters

The standard list of rooms includes facilities in all academic buildings, which includes some spaces such as offices that aren’t really suitable for meetings.  It is recommended that you create a filter to select only the reserveable spaces or some other subset.  Since filters follow each user, you will need to create your own filter(s).  To do so, you must be on the room selection screen shown above.  Click the small Edit Filters button.  The Room Selection Screen will appear.  Fill it out as shown at the right.  From the drop-down below Campus:, select Region.  From the drop-down to the right of Region, select Reservable.  If you prefer to be even more specific, you can fill out more of the screen.  When finished, click the Search Rooms button.

Once you have created your filter, click the Manage Filters button.  Enter a name for the current filter into the box (e.g. Reservable or Classrooms Only.)  If you want to use that filter for each subsequent search, click in the Set as Default box.  Then click the Save button.


Completing your Request

Once finished selecting rooms, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the Submit Request button.  You should then get a notification of “Event Request Completed.”  Click the Done button.  Remember that this means that your request has been submitted.  The request will still need to be approved before the reservation is made and can be seen on the calendar.

Using the Calendar

To view reservations on the calendar, click the Calendars tab.  Click the Grid button toward the upper left.  If you use the Daily view, you can scroll down to view the various rooms.  If you use the Weekly view, you will need to click on the room name along the left to view the schedule for that week for that room.

Note: A PDF version of this document - suitable for printing - is available below.  You can also see the video tutorials for Requesting an Event and Creating and Using Filters in Ad Astra by searching for them in this knowledgebase.

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